engage - collaborate - reflect - strengthen

Program Structure

Collaborating for System-wide Improvement

In order to achieve the best results in system-wide improvement programs, the Center collaborates with districts to Observe, Address, Reflect on and Refine problems of practice.

Step One: Observe

  • Become familiar with the district and processes
  • Identify issues and areas of concern
  • Assess district based on indicators of a high-performing system
  • Gauge district’s understanding of systemic improvement
  • Ascertain leaders’ knowledge and usual approaches

Step Two: Address

  • Connect to resources and help build capacity
  • Develop and implement action plan
  • Share knowledge of system thinking and continuous improvement
  • Serve as critical friend and coach
  • Model tools and protocols
  • Work in partnership on areas of need

Step Three: Reflect

  • Review progress on action plan
  • Gauge accountability and progress of leadership
  • Evaluate signs of district improvement
  • Reassess district based on the indicators of a high-performing system

Step Four: Refine

  • Modify action plan based on reflections and observed progress
  • Engage leadership and stakeholders to determine and prioritize next steps
  • Help set accountability models to benchmark improvement
  • Coach on sustaining continuous improvements
  • Transfer responsibility to the district