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LEAD Connecticut

The Center is the designer and managing partner for LEAD Connecticut,
a $1.2 million leadership program funded by the State Department of
Education (SDE) to provide support to aspiring and current principals,
central office staff, and superintendents in the 30 lowest performing
districts in the state. Our partners in LEAD Connecticut include SDE,
and the statewide associations of boards of education, principals, and
superintendents; the Neag School of Education at UConn; and
New Leaders.

LEAD Connecticut provides support to districts to enable them to
recruit, select, prepare, develop, and retain educational leaders who
have the competencies essential for focusing on teaching and learning.  The resulting climate of high expectations and strong engagement with families and the community is essential in turning around low-performing schools.

• The Turnaround Principal Program
• The LEAD Connecticut/University of Connecticut Principal Residency
• The Early Career Superintendent Program
• Superintendent Coaching
• Leading for District Capacity and Coherence


“LEAD CT, as led by the Center, provides a research-based lens for systematizing our district leadership work.  In a small leadership team we are able to apply this professional learning to real-time work in our district, whether it is developing and sustaining talent or promoting innovation.  Also, the work they have done supporting our turnaround principals has been invaluable.  The Center supports the leaders but also help build leadership capacity in the buildings.”

– Miguel Cardona
Assistant Superintendent, Meriden Public Schools