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Technical Assistance


The Center provides technical assistance and coaching to public school districts that are committed to restructuring operations to focus on improving teaching and learning to increase student achievement. This work was described in an article in the Journal of Staff Development (JSD), published by the National Staff Development Council.


The Center believes district leaders are key to leading systemic change and redesigning their districts to foster adult and student learning.


The Center’s staff acts as advisers, thought partners, coaches and critical friends to superintendents, assistant superintendents, senior district leadership, principals and other staff members.

The Center helps district leaders:

  • develop systemic thinking
  • generate theories of action
  • employ coherent strategies
  • align resources
  • develop and support effective leadership teams
  • ¬†ensure accountability
  • engage stakeholders
  • sustain improvements


Center staff helps districts address the factors that support or hinder continuous instructional improvement: culture (beliefs and values about adult and student learning); conditions (time, structures and schedules); and competencies (professional skills and knowledge).

If you are interested in partnering with the Center for School Change on large-scale instructional improvement, please contact Andrew Lachman at 860-586-2340.