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Systemic Instructional Improvement Program (SIIP) Network


The Systemic Instructional Improvement Program (SIIP) Network is a fee-for service program that provides technical assistance and coaching to districts that are members of the Superintendant’s Network to help those districts restructure their operations and focus on improved student achievement. It’s a coaching model that is customizable and adaptable to all school districts eager to engage in systemic improvement.

In addition to the on-site technical assistance provided by the Center’s staff, administrators from the districts come together every six weeks at cross-site meetings. The sessions are designed to give participants a clearer understanding of systems thinking and an opportunity to practice tools and approaches that advance systemic reforms in their districts.


The Center believes that system success yields student success. So we take time to ask the tough questions and hold school teams accountable. What we do in each district is different — it has to be. We adapt our programs and our coaching strategies to fit with individual district needs, and we work together in partnership to address unique challenges.


Over a long-term, multi-year relationship, our staff works with district leaders to help you develop systemic thinking, generate theories of action, employ coherent strategies, align resources, develop and support effective leadership teams, ensure accountability, engage stakeholders and sustain improvements.

We help districts address the factors that support or hinder continuous improvement:

  • Culture (beliefs and values about adult and student learning)
  • Conditions (time, structures, and schedules)
  • Competencies (professional skills and knowledge)

The primary focus of the partnership work is the instructional core (the relationship between students, teachers, curriculum content and the tasks students are asked to do). We encourage systems thinking and provide tools and approaches that can advance systemic reforms in districts.

If you are interested in partnering with the Center for School Change on large-scale instructional improvement, please contact Andrew Lachman at 860-586-2340.