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What We Do

Partnering with School Districts
for Sustainable Success

Devoted to system-wide school improvement, the Connecticut Center for School Change assesses Connecticut school districts to identify key areas for improvement and provides strategies for sustainable student outcomes.

Central Office Leadership
The Center partners with districts to examine the structures, processes and practices used by the central office team to support teaching and learning.  This may include defining roles, developing structures, and providing professional learning for leaders to enhance their support for schools in their district.

Capacity Building
Center staff plan and facilitate professional learning experiences on a variety of topics related to instructional improvement.  Facilitators utilize approaches aligned to the needs of adult learners.

Principal Supervisor Professional Learning
The Center works with assistant superintendents and other central-office leaders to develop effective common practices for principal supervision with a focus on teaching and learning.

Coach, Mentor and Aspirant Leadership Development
The Center works with current and aspiring leaders.  We develop their capacity as instructional leaders by supporting them in expanded roles as mentors, coaches and facilitators.  Aspiring leaders are current teachers who receive support to develop and improve strategic plans and strengthen their leadership skills.

Leadership Coaching
The Center provides individual leadership coaching for school leaders in partner districts.  The school leaders, including superintendents, central office staff, or principals, work with coaches to further develop instructional leadership practices and address highly targeted goals.

Professional Communities of Practice
The Center convenes ongoing communities of practice to support the development of individual leaders and leadership teams.  Participants study new research, gain access to proven improvement tools, and wrestle with shared problems of practice.

Leading for Equitable Classrooms:  An Institute for Action
The Center is partnering with Amistad Center for Art and Culture to hose select districts committed to eliminating the inequities that contribute to disproportionate learning and achievement for Connecticut students.  The institute will bring together participating districts for interactive working sessions which provide inspiration and information necessary to prepare all students, regardless of ethnicity, income, language, race, zip code or disability, to prosper and lead in the society of the future.

Achievement Gap Review
The Center partners with central office and school leaders to conduct an in-depth review of a district’s capacity to address inequity.  Findings from the review are incorporated into an improvement plan for district implementation.

Family, School, Community Partnership
The Center supports district staff in identifying and implementing strategies for strengthening partnerships among schools, families and the community, with the goal of improving achievement for all students.

Instructional Rounds for Coherence
The Center works with central office, building leaders and teachers to implement instructional rounds in support of coherent, consistent understanding of quality instruction.  The emphasis is on collecting information related to a problem of practice and provides school and district administrators with ongoing data to develop professional learning opportunities for teachers.