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Leadership Success

“The Center’s Superintendents’ Network is a very focused group of superintendents committed to doing the hard, swampy kind of work to improve student achievement. It requires tenacity and determination. It requires willingness to open schools, dialogue and practice to other superintendents. I have been able to replicate the work of the network in my district.”
Kathy Binkowski,
Retired Superintendent, Plainville School System,
Superintendents’ Network

“The Center for School Change has been the major catalyst in my becoming a
strong instructional leader. Our district is far clearer in declaring priorities toward all students succeeding. We have developed exponentially our leadership capacity, affected genuine systemic change in strengthening classroom instruction, and ultimately, given greater and more meaningful attention to the learning of every child. The Center engages superintendents and other system leaders in research
and learning that better enables them to wrestle with authentic problems of practice, and leadership challenges.”
Elizabeth Feser
Superintendent, Milford Public Schools
2014 Superintendent of the Year

“Personally, it has been an anchor for me in my job. It supplies me with the reason why I can’t get lost in mundane tasks. It makes my job rewarding to do this kind of critical work within the district.”
Howard J. Thiery, III,
Superintendent, Regional School District 17