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We like to share our point of view

Results from district partners, as well as our research and policy work, have been featured in education-focused publications. We will continue to share our insights and findings with you on a regular basis.

What a Question Can Accomplish
by Isobel Stevenson
Published June 2017, The Learning Professional, Vol. 38 No. 3
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Leading for Capacity and Coherence – District Capacity and Coherence Framework
by LEAD Connecticut
January 2016
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District Coherence and Capacity Diagnostic Tool – Rubric
by LEAD Connecticut
January 2016
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Turn Effective Practice Into Common Practice
by Richard W. Lemons and Isobel Stevenson
Published October 2015, Learning Forward, Vol. 36 No. 5
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Improving Schools One Conversation at a Time
by Sarah Birkeland, Richard W. Lemons, and Isobel Stevenson
Published June 25, 2015, ASCD Express, Vol. 10 Issue. 20
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Effective Family and Community Engagement Strategies:
Report Prepared for LEAD Connecticut
By Hanover Research Associates
Published 2014
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Partners at Every Level:
From the Classroom to the Boardroom,
Consultants Work Toward District’s Goals

By Andrew Lachman and Steven Wlodarczyk
Published February 11, 2011, JSD, Vol. 32. No. 1
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Developing Instructional Leaders
By Andrew Lachman, Richard W. Lemons, Margaret Terry Orr and Monica Byrne-Jimenez
Published Fall 2009, VUE, Annenberg Institute for School Reform
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Improving Student Learning Requires District Learning
By Robert Rothman
Published September 2009, Kappan
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In Search of Quality: Recruiting, Hiring and Supporting Teachers
By Robert Reichardt and Michael Arnold, with Jane Tedder
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Overwhelmed and Out: Principals, Policy and Teacher Retention
By Robert Reichardt, Ravay Snow, Jodi Schlang and Kelly Hupfeld
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The Long Climb: School District Human Capital Development Systems
By Robert Reichardt, Mark Fermanich and Jodi Schlang
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